Friday, November 19, 2010

Another reason to boycott Arizona

Arizona's tightwad legislature just murdered 98 people. In cold blood. Without a trial, without due process, even offering any real excuses for why they have to die. Because, y'know, it's better that 98 people die, than that Arizona's public have to pay $1 apiece more in taxes to fund those organ transplants for people who mostly need public help because, err, they lost their insurance because they got too sick to work and don't happen to have a couple hundred thousand dollars hangin' around... something that could happen to any of us, BTW, in case you haven't been living in a cave.

What is the price of a human life? In Arizona, apparently, it's $1.

-- Badtux the Dollar Penguin


  1. In Georgia, the price of a human life is $10.

    In the most recent election, there was a proposal to add a $10 to the annual vehicle license tag fee to pay for more trauma centers. The Peach State is expansive, but with few first-class emergency treatment hospitals. Lots of folks live more than an hours' travel time from one. And if you're mangled, you stand a better chance of living if you get high-acuity treatment in less than an hour.

    "We'd rather DIE than pay more taxes!" was the decision of Ga. voters. They did approve ballot measures giving tax breaks to businesses, though. I have no sympathy for people that fcuking stoopit. They deserve the pain-filled, bleeding death that will come to them, unlike the poor cardiomyopathic sod in Arizona. Too bad the NPR story didn't have the balls to mention how the Arizona government is the REAL death panel, although I see that some commenters on the story did.

  2. I'm sure Palin & friends can find some way to rationalize this, blame it on the nazis, socialists, whatever. Just like outlawing abortion after choosing not to have one.

    Who knows how many similar stories like this are out there but won't get the publicity. I have a friend who died because he didn't have health insurance. At 27-years-old, he was worth even less than a dollar.

    If I found a congressman/AZ state rep on the side of the road bleeding, I'd spit on him/her & walk away. If only I'd have the opportunity.

    Badtux -- you need to stop reading these depressing stories & walk your cat more!

  3. It's cold and raining outside, I'm sitting in front of the fireplace with my laptop on my lap and a not-exactly-roaring but still warm fire lit. The cats are sitting on top of the heating grate to get whatever warm air comes out. Walking TMF in this weather ain't happening, he's a placid kitteh but he ain't into water, heh :).

    - Badtux the Fire-watchin' Penguin


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