Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yo Pat, where are ya?

Pat Robertson is famous for saying that natural disasters are a "punishment from God". He said that about Katrina, he said that about the Haiti earthquake, and so forth. Glenn Beck similarly loves saying that natural disasters are "messages" from God.

So today I eagerly await their pronouncements on the tornados that flattened portions of the South this week. Waiting for them to say these tornados were a punishment from God in three... two... one...

Oh WAIT A MINUTE, I forgot, it's only a punishment from God if it's DARKIES getting flattened, not if it's good god fearin' WHITE folk! Sheesh, what was I thinkin?

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Well, some of the dead musta been darkies, so God is still working in His Southern Babtist-approved ways. And the other dead musta been poor, or homosecksuwell, or they approved of race-mixing. And iff'n some righteous people died, well that's jest God bein' God. He kill's 'em all and then He sorts 'em out.

  2. Or god was aiming at San Francisco again, to get all the homosexuals, and his aim is still off.

  3. Has Re. Pat come out of his tornado shelter yet?

  4. Tux -

    I had similar thoughts.

    When did Christianity become a religion of hate? That Q'ran burning idiot from Fla was back in Dearborn again today.



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