Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Kathleen Edwards, "Run" off of her 2008 album Asking for Flowers.

A little harmonica makes all Americana better. Even if written and sung by a Canadian.

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. "A little harmonica makes all Americana better. Even if written and sung by a Canadian."

    You do realize that Canada, despite having better hockey, beer and donuts, is a card carrying member of North America, eh?

  2. in view of your recent posts, the title "RUNNING" had me concerned.

    JzB a very relieved trombonist

  3. Montag, there was no attempt here to imply Canada was not on the American continent, because "Americana" is a music genre based upon cultural landmarks, not a geography. The term "Americana" is usually used to denote music derived from the U.S. folk and country traditions, which Canada largely does not share (thus the Canadian joke about Canadian culture being an oxymoron). It is most often used for the sort of semi-confessional country-inspired singer-songwriter music that you see a lot of on Austin City Limits, which is what this is an excellent exemplar of.

    Jazz, thankfully haven't been doing any of *that* kinda running! My gut is still not back to its normal state but is well on the way and is merely a little excitable at the moment, not projectile like last week!


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