Thursday, April 28, 2011

People like this stuff?!

So upon advice of medical professionals, I am now on a daily dose of yogurt, the kind with "active and live culture". I have just one question:

People actually like this stuff?!

Chalk. Bleh. Sour chalk with fruit and sugar (I'm doing the Yoplait, which I'm told was the most palatable). Bleh.

-- Badtux the Bleh Penguin


  1. Look out for 'high fructose' it really upset your stomach.

  2. Yougurt is an acquired taste, like whiskey. You start off with sweet mixed drinks, but if you like the booze enough, you progress to drinking it straight. Sometimes right out of the bottle.

    So with yogurt, most of us began with the gelatinized brands, the ones that would hold their shape even if you tipped the container upside down and dumped the whole thing on a plate. Then you graduate to the Dannon types, where you stir the fruit in. Next step -- ordering a mango lassi at an Indian restaurant. As you get harder-core, you do things like mixing plain yogurt with lemon juice and cucumbers to make tzatziki sauce to put on your falafels. The Turks make a drink called ayran that's a fermented milk/yogurt mixture with salt added. When I'm at a Turkish restaurant and I see it on the menu, I always order it. It's the kinda thing that Ottomans drank to put hair on their backs.

    I'm deep into yogurt-huffing now. I've been known to dip my spoon right into litre-sized containers of Greek yogurt -- man, is it sour! -- and eat it directly, like ice cream. And I hear there's this type of sheep's milk yogurt they make in Sardinia, fermented in open pots on sunny windowsills for two weeks. When they serve it to you, you have to wear goggles because it has maggots leaping out. Next time I'm in Europe, I'm looking for THAT!

  3. Tux, try making a smoothie by blending your yogurt with fresh or frozen/thawed fruit like bananas and berries. Add a little fruit juice. You'll like it far more than just eating the yogurt, and you'll get your daily servings of fruit as well.

  4. Minerva, the Yoplait basically is what you describe.

    Bukko, I've never acquired the taste for whiskey either.

    MandT, I'm eating it with my lunch, on the principle that diluting the stuff with real food might make it go down better. So I doubt the corn syrup in this Yoplait going to upset my stomach.

  5. Yoplait? Yuck, yo. Worst stuff ever made.

    Try Stonyfield Farm, Brown Cow, Fage, Chobani or even Dannon if your store doesn't carry any of those. Yoplait is truly offal, um, I mean, awful.

    Add your own fruit, preferably something you buy in the fresh section (bananas, or berries of all sorts). Jelly-on-the-bottom does NOT make yogurt more appealing.

    Mango lassi? Yeah! I've made a trip across town to get a good lassi. It's a thick liquid, not a gelatinous solid.

    [CAPTCHA text: "bless"]

  6. Oh, and I forgot to say... take the time to acquire the taste. It ain't ice cream, which is the first disappointment for most American palates. Pretty soon, though, if you stick with it, you'll come to savor the tangy edge at the end of the bite (like the finish of a wine, I suppose, though I've never thought of it that way before). Texture is important, too; that's the main reason I detest Yoplait so much. (Stella agreed loudly when I mentioned Yoplait. So now you have TWO sprout-eaters' recommendations.)

    And if you intend to use it as dessert, don't be afraid to add honey or agave nectar. You can also use yogurt instead of milk on dry cereal, which also may be sweetened.

    [CAPTCHA text: "wormin", which is something I'll leave to Bukko... :-) ]

  7. A year on very strong antibiotics required me to eat a lot of "probiotic" yogurt to try and replace some of the good bugs in my gut. I agree you could be doing a lot better than Yoplait, Activia is palatable. I took to mixing a little bit of cocoa powder into vanilla yogurt to make it taste a bit nicer. But I like Minerva's suggestion best.

  8. Trader Joe's has a banana vanilla yogurt that rocks. Pavel's is tangy and I eat a couple of spoonfuls right out of the container and believe it was what helped me lose weight the last time.

    Yoplait sucks.

  9. Try Dannon Activia deserts. Not the "light" kind as the artificial sweeteners will make you hate anything vanilla flavored ever ever ever again.

  10. You don't need yogurt, you just need to stop reading World Nut Daily. That stuff is worse than drinking sewage. ;-)

  11. Chobani and Stonyfield Farms. Hell, even Dannon is better than Yoplait.

  12. I quite like yogurt, but am a rank amateur compared to Bukko.

    Contra montag, you do need it.


  13. Thanks for all the comments, folks. Interesting that a post on yogurt, of all things, has proven to be one of the most popular on this blog in a while :).

    I will see what kind of yogurts my dreary tired little local-chain supermarket has, they have Yoplait out the yo momma place, as well as the no-name (store) brand, but there's probably others too but I was in a bit of a hurry when I bought the last batch 'cause I was wanting to get home before my guts decided they no longer were done churning and started churning again. Needless to say I can shop with a bit less haste now that my gut's back in working order :). I also have a Trader Joe's a few miles away, I suppose a field trip there could be done tomorrow (too late tonight)... the other nearby supermarkets are Safeway and Lucky (used to be Albertson's before Wall Street made them divest their California stores), neither of which has much more selection than the little local chain store, just a lot more of each item of that selection.

    - Badtux the Chalk-tastin' Penguin

  14. Little local-chain supermarkets may surprise you. Ours, a Sellers Bros., which emphasizes Mexican items and has stores in neighborhoods with high concentrations of Hispanic populations, opened a couple of days after Hurricane Ike came through; shelves were distressingly bare, but there in the refrigerated section was... Dannon Activia. Yep. Someone thought it was worth stocking, even in an ethnic grocery, even immediately after a hurricane. We bought what we could eat in a day, one day at a time, because our power was not yet on. (For two damned weeks it was not on.)

    Of the stores you named, I'd guess your Safeway-equivalent would have the best yogurt selection... ours does. Well, actually, Whole Paycheck has the best selection, if I feel like spending my...

  15. "Interesting that a post on yogurt, of all things, has proven to be one of the most popular on this blog in a while :)."

    lol, see us mere mortals want to help the penguin with the bad gut :)


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