Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why I left teaching, part 435,453,245

British teacher snaps, cracks open skull of trouble-maker who cursed him.

When I started getting that temptation big-time, that's when I knew it was time to hang up my shingle and go into another line of work. Way I see it, if the little shits want to be disrespectful little shits, and the administration won't do fuck-all about it, and the parents don't give a shit, why the fuck should I give a shit? Let them be taught math by the goddamned P.E. teacher, I'm sure he (who can't add 1+1 without a calculator) will do a great job of it...

-- Badtux the Burned Out Teacher Penguin


  1. I second this. Which is also why I roll my eyes and bite my tongue every time I hear people talking about paying teachers based on "results." If we lived in a society that valued education, we'd have a much better-educated society. We don't, so we don't.

  2. But that does not work. Uneducated people are easier to manipulate/control than people who can think for themselves. Can you find a Repug who supports education where there can't be a profit. Private schools, Charter schools, it's about profit

  3. Actually I love kids..
    Baked, boiled or fried...
    But really One of my pet peeves is Edumacatuion. How we do it is all wrong,in my humble opinion. That can be proven by results..
    The teacher's hands are tied. It should be the other way around.;)

  4. Lockwood: We get the educational system we want -- and deserve.

    Whelp: But if the people don't *want* to be educated, why should I drive up my blood pressure trying to *make* them be educated? Yeah, an uneducated public makes it easier for our politicians to lie and cheat and steal. But if the public doesn't *want* to be educated... well, you can lead a horse to water, but if he doesn't want to drink, you aren't going to make a 1,000 pound animal drink. Just sayin'.

    Tim: I like kids in small doses where I have the choice of not interacting with them if they choose to be obnoxious brats. That does not describe today's school environment, though, where the kids come in huge doses and it's simply impossible under the laws of physics to give them the huge amounts of personal attention that they crave. Which makes you wonder about their home environment, and about parents more concerned with making six-figure salaries than about giving their kids the attention they crave, but that's another story.

    - Badtux the Former Teacher Penguin

  5. Most kids that I have worked with want a good education, but don't get the support they need. The teachers hands are tied to teach the test. This is where the parents need to take responsibility, but most took the school system as free babysitters while they greedily raked in the bucks to buy new toys for themselves. Education is, has always been the responsibility of the parent(s). My kids got the education I wanted them to have, they BEST I could provide! My responsibility! They worked hard for what they got. After 25 years I get to relax and begin to enjoy the fruits. Brag Bachelors Degree from U of M for (Daughter 2) going to Wayne State for Masters, and Masters from MSU (Daughter 1) Brag Off While not a professional educator I have paid my dues and have been involved with their education since they were born (I as in We wife and myself) We knew everyone involved, Teachers, Office Staff, Management of every primary school they were in. We get what we settle for!

  6. I feel the same way about hospital patients. I bend over backwards to help the ones who want to be helped. It used to bother me, the ones who resisted what us medical staff were doing to keep them alive. I'd struggle to get them to do the right thing, even though they were determined to keep doing whatever bad stuff got them into trouble in the first place -- shooting the dope, eating too many carbs if they were diabetic, drinking too much water if they had congestive heart failure and their lungs were filling with fluid.

    Now I realize that I cannot save people from themselves. There are too many people on this planet to begin with. If logic and persuasion does not work on some, then I will make an honest effort, but not get too upset if they disregard it. I'll keep 'em safe, give 'em meds to reduce the pain and comply with any (reasonable) request. But as they deteriorate and die, sorry, I don't lose sleep.

  7. Oy. At my high school, we had a basketball coach who somehow ended up teaching English. And a history teacher who was stuck teaching math even though he knew fuck-all about the subject.

    Seriously, my high school was such a dismal academic failure that I hightailed out of there my junior year and went to college a year early. Yay me! However, the high school in question is now one of the top high schools in the nation, thanks to a new principal and school board president who gave a shit and wanted kids to have excellent educations.


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