Saturday, April 03, 2010

Look, mommy, a giant iPhone!

As predicted, the iPad is available for demo purposes at Apple Stores today. Looks like an iPhone on steroids. And I would be interested in this thing because of... why?

Yeah, exactly.

- Badtux the Not-impressed Penguin


  1. no phone and it doesnt play flash, but it turns pages in a very cool manner

    all for $800. i cant wait to see everyone on the M5 bus sitting with their iPad.

    meanwhile Steve Jobs laughs all the way to the bank

  2. Gosh oh gee wiligers I can't help it..I want one..but not yet..let them get the bugs out first. ;)

  3. Eh, go play with one for about 30 minutes.

  4. Yeah, what 42 said. 1/4 the weight of a laptop, $500' not $800, 12 hours battery life, terrible thing indeed.

    Used it last night to display recipes while I cooked, and surfed while I stirred, then displayed tabs while my brother and I played for the family.

    Absolutely useless.

  5. And what does it do that my $350 Acer netbook doesn't do? My netbook has a real-life battery life of 8 hours (about what the iPad real-life battery life will be) and I've carried it on many a Jeep expedition without issue. It ain't that much heavier than an iPad, and it's about the same form factor. And it runs Flash videos (!), which the iPad won't do, and will run multiple applications at the same time, which the iPad won't do. Yes, it's slimmer than the Acer, which is a typical clamshell, but I've carried the Acer around in a murse while doing the tourist thing (because it's disposable, duh!) and it carries just fine.

    *murse - man-purse. Typically a cloth shopping bag imprinted with the name of a technology company, handed out at major industry trade shows to carry all the swag you get from the various vendors.

  6. Well, I used the pad for about 8+hours yesterday. Before charging, and it hadn't dropped below 25%charge, so there's that.

    But I don't think it's for everyone, anymore than your Acee is. So why the aggressive snark?

  7. I won't consider a netbook or any other underpowered little mini-laptop. None of the ones I've seen run anything besides Windows XP which is what, ten years old now? I don't want another laptop, I already have a Powerbook G4 that I never use.

    Flash? Who gives a shit? Good riddance.

    The iPad isn't meant to replace a laptop. If you really need a full-function computer, get one. When I'm traveling, I don't, and that's when the iPad would be attractive.


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