Sunday, April 04, 2010

When trip-hop was the future

Sneaker Pimps w/Kelli Ali, "6 Underground". They were one of a number of bands that combined hip-hop sounds with pop and psychedelia to do "trip-hop". Later they dumped Kelli Ali (who sang but did not write any of their songs) and became more of a New Wavey kind of band, but their early stuff with Kelli sounds much more interesting to me, even though I know she actually had nothing to do with the songs other than singing.

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. Oh yeah, I remember that one. Nice and smooth, with one of the samples being just a little out of time with the rest of the song -- which I thought enhanced the song rather than hurt it.

    And back then, singers were still singing with their true voices. These days, too many bands feel compelled to run all their vocals through that awful Autotune effect. God, I hate that effect...

  2. There's still singers singing with their true voices. See the previous vid that I posted with Ms. Ahn. Of course, talk about your huge contrast in musical styles ;).

    Auto-tune: I don't get it. I tried running my own voice through it and it made me sound like a friggin' robot, stepping from pitch to pitch, instead of like a singer, sweeping from pitch to pitch. I also discovered I don't have pitch problems, I stay on pitch just fine, thank you very much (validated by bouncing my voice thru autotune onto the left channel, putting my straight voice onto the right channel, then listening w/headphones... other than where I'm transitioning to a new note where autotune held me at the old note for a beat then chucked me up to the new note, I didn't hear any difference). I just don't get it, I understand there's singers that actually *demand* that producers use autotune on them and make them sound like crap...

    -- Badtux the Music Penguin


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