Monday, April 12, 2010

How to protect your kids from Catholic priests

Sad to say, the product in question doesn't actually exist.

In other news, the number of children molested by atheist or Tuxologist clergy remains at... err.... ZERO.

-- Badtux the Religious Penguin


  1. If only-and now the bishops are supposed to give their own up. Ya right.

  2. Uhhh - I might be missing something, but isn't atheist clergy a null set?

    Yours in perpetual confusion,
    JzB the on-the-road trombonist

  3. Well, Jazz, maybe that was part of the point that I was making -- i.e., that because atheists don't set up some group of people as moral exemplars who can do no wrong, atheists as a group don't have the problem of said set of people diddling youngsters left and right while being protected by a large hierarchy of said "moral exemplars".

    Besides, I suspect P.Z. Myers, Richard Dawkins, etc. all qualify as atheist clergy under some definition of "clergy" ;).

    - Badtux the Tongue-in-beak Penguin

  4. Well played, sir!

    JzB The tongue in mouthpiece trombonist

    P.S. I'm back home now from the deep, deep south.


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