Wednesday, April 07, 2010

False equivalency

Whenever some right-winger does something violent such as shoot up the Holocaust museum, shoots up a church, blows up a day care center, kills a doctor, etc., the press is quick to say "there's extremists on both sides of the political spectrum!"

At which point I ask one simple question: How many incidents of left-wing violence has there been over the past 30 years? No no, you moron trying to point to something that happened in 1963, I'm talking about 1980 onward. How many left-wing nutcases have shot up day care centers? How many left-wing nutcases have tried to bomb the Olympics? How many left-wing nutcases have gone on shooting sprees where they kill random people of another race?

Hello? Hello? Anybody got an answer? (Crickets).

Uhm, yeah. That's what I thought.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Tux
    You are correct Sir.
    Years ago when CNN came to be I had hopes of coverage of the news as it should be. Didn't happen!
    Instead we all know way to much about Tiger woods.
    We need truth in reporting.

  2. Yes, that's the attempt of our (corporate) media to be "fair and balanced," and "objectively" present "both sides" of a story, no matter how absurd and/or untrue one of them may be.

  3. It's good you put in the caveat about being within the last 30 years because when Pat Buchanan was asked the same question, he brought up the attack on Columbia University in 1967 and the SDS attacking the Pentagon. I'm surprised he didn't mention John Brown's attack on Harper's Ferry.

  4. I had the very same argument with a coworker of certain wingnuttish tendencies. When I asked him, point blank, to come up with any equivalent examples of left-wing violence, he triumphantly proclaimed "Ever heard of a little thing called 9/11???"

    When I incredulously asked how reactionary religious zealots who want to turn the clock back to the 8th century could possibly qualify as "left wingers," he replied "because they want to destroy Western Civilization." Apparently, in Wingnut Bizarro Universe, anyone who hates America, for any reason at all, is automatically a liberal.

  5. Good question, Badtux. I see you are still waiting for an answer. The best they can say is "Well, the lib wingnuts did it first."

    Right-wing copycats!

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