Sunday, July 18, 2010

We must not censor discussions

Okay, so Joe Teabagger suggested that the problem with America was too many deadbeat black people, and the solution is to create work farms where all black people are interned. We must seriously discuss the pros and cons of this policy proposal, despite the fact that it's, well, unconstitutional, immoral, and disgusting, because to do otherwise is censorship, and we as responsible journalists should never engage in censorship, even if it's censorship of someone who is clearly insane and babbling nonsense. Because our responsibility as responsible journalists is to validate utterly insane positions by discussing them, not say "That's fucking insane" and ignore such whackjobs.

-- Badtux the Journalist Penguin


  1. If we don't discuss 'em there's nothing to censor.

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  3. <cynical>No, that's not censorship. If you talk about crazy whackjobs on the right, that is "gotcha" journalism. It is one of the tools of the socialist fascist media. It is only censorship when it is applied to the crazy whackjobs on the left.</cynical>

    Who's Joe Teabagger or was this a hypothetical situation?

  4. Never mind; just figured out who Joe Teabagger is.

  5. (Let's see if the comments are working yet... tried posting one a couple of hours ago and got a weird error message... unless you broke the Intertoobz...)

    Buh-buh-but if we censor the insane, nonsense-babbling whackjobs, how will Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, and all the rest tell us how and what to think?


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