Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gold is a scam

A graphic depiction of Glenn Beck's Goldline scam.

Note that Talking Points Memo is careful to not call it a scam. They are, after all, reputable journalists (snicker!) who can't use such "charged words" for fear of damaging their "credibility". But when you are being tricked into buying overpriced gold by a two-bit huckster, I don't know what term other than "scam" applies ("overcharging" is rather an understatement by comparison).

Only good thing about Glenn Beck's scam is that you do actually get the gold, even if it's at horrifically rip-off prices. Other scammers don't even do that much.

-- Badtux the Investment Penguin


  1. I got my gold from a coin shop near the Stonestown Mall on the south side of San Francisco. Paid not much more than the bullion price per ounce, plus some vigorish for the work it took to make it into a Maple Leaf. It wasn't rocket science to find a coin dealer. People who are stupid enough to buy from a company Beckkk flacks deserve to get ripped off.

  2. Bukko made the same point I was going to, although he did it a little more tastefully.

    Anything Beck et al get involved in is, by definition, a sacm of some sort. Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity, all the rest, scamming and grifting is all they know.

    But they can't help it... it's like dogs peeing on the furniture. They're Rethuglicans, that's what they do.


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