Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is this a marmot?

This guy posed for me on a rock at Yosemite. Is he a marmot?

-- Badtux the Wildlife Penguin

aaaaand... his OTHER side:

PS: I was zoomed all the way in with a 12x telephoto lense. So I wasn't as close to him as it looks!


  1. He's delicious...

    Tux my apology, my new site is
    I happened to check my old site and you made a comment there.
    I have to use my old blogger gmail thing to comment on yours.
    I'm using word press for god only knows why..
    I tried open ID with yours and was unable to do it.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It most certainly is. Nick name is a whistle pig which is it's warning cry. The loudest whistle damn near in the world. You may have heard it.
    You can get close to one here .
    I like these guys more and more even though they cause a bit of trouble with their burrowing.

  4. No sir, that there is a land beaver.

    I'm so disoriented now that the World Cup's over.

  5. The World Cup? Is that the experiment in gravitational modification encompassing a scientific experiment called the "ball" where if any two players approach the "ball", gravity is modified so they suddenly fall over as if both had slammed into a brick wall, and if any player successfully gets a kick on goal, gravity is modified so that it shoots 20 feet above the goal? :-).

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  6. He's very handsome. And looks like he gave you his good side, too.

  7. He gave me his good side only because I took like a bajillion photos of the rascal trying to get him at all. Of all those photos, three (3) actually came out decent. I put his other side up there now, that's the second one. The third one is just another one of him on that rock (the first one, basically).

    I was hiking up a steep switchbacked slope, and he was heading straight upslope (ignoring the switchbacks). So he'd head up, stand on a rock, watch me go away from him (up the switchback), and then suddenly the switchback would switch the other way and I'd be coming *toward* him again. Then he would head uphill again, until I switched back and was headed back towards him *again*. Finally he headed off into that boulder field where the first photo was taken, and after I took his photo a couple of times, he flopped off the boulder and disappeared from sight.

    - Badtux the Hiking Penguin

  8. Based on my recollection of hiking in the Rockies for many summers in my younger days, I would say yes, that's a marmot.

  9. Tux, that's not a marmot -- call Donald Trump and tell him you found the toupee he lost!

  10. Definitely a marmot. Great creatures. I had a den of them near my office at a ski area years ago and watching the young marmots grow up was great fun.


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