Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The truth that shall not be told

Patrick Buchanan brings up the obnoxious case of so-called "Americans" who put the interests of Israel ahead of the interests of their supposed home country (and, specifically, the interests of one political party in Israel -- the Likud Party -- ahead of the interests of their supposed homeland), and, predictably, is immediately blasted as anti-semitic.

I have no doubt that Patrick Buchanan has some old-school Irish opinions of Jews. But this particular instance, he does not mention Jews, the Jewish faith, or anything to do with religion. He merely points out that certain "Americans" seem to have a greater allegiance to the State of Israel and, specifically, to a certain political party within the State of Israel (that is, the Likud party) than they do to the United States of America. This is not anti-semitism. It is a simple statement of fact -- there have been numerous examples of U.S. citizens who have been sent to jail for spying on behalf of Israel here in the USA, indeed, the entire Israeli nuclear weapons program (the one that "doesn't exist", smirk!) is based upon data stolen from U.S. weapons labs, and numerous examples of Likudniks who control the U.S. Israeli lobby pushing the U.S. government into taking actions against U.S. interests in the Middle East. To take the jump from that to say that Patrick Buchanan is making a blanket indictment of Jews and/or of the Jewish faith is a pure smear typical of the Israel lobby here in the United States, which is quick to libel and defame any criticism of Likud and its obnoxious and possibly genocidal policies towards Arabs as if any criticism means you want to exterminate the Jewish race.

Now, ole' Pat is a gentleman, so he ain't gonna say what needs saying about that pile of reeking bullshit, so I will. It's fucking bullshit, is what it is, and a goddamned lie, and I'm going to goddamned well call it a fucking lie and call you a liar if you goddamned well try to pull that fucking shit on me. Criticizing the policies of a political party and its supporters does *not* mean that you want to exterminate all members of that political parties, has not a goddamned thing to do with religion or race, and facts are facts regardless of whether you like them or not. So fuck that shit, and fuck the lying liars who spew that kind of shit.

-- Badtux the Rude Penguin


  1. Noah Fucking Asshole Pollak can kiss my ever-loving American ass.
    I am so fucking sick and tired of these motherfuckers that say you're anti-semetic just because you speak out against the crap the Jews do. Fuck them!
    I may not agree with Patrick Buchanan, but he's no fucking anti-semite!

  2. a) It's not the crap "the Jews" do, it's the crap that a certain subset (the Likudniks and their ilk) do.

    b) And I suspect that Patrick Buchanan actually is an anti-semite, but

    c) there was no anti-semitism in this particular editorial by Pat, just a condemnation of Americans who put the interests of the State of Israel ahead of the interests of the United States of America.

    - Badtux the Pointillist Penguin

  3. "I have no doubt that Patrick Buchanan has some old-school Irish opinions of Jews."

    I think that should read Irish-American-Catholic.

    I agree with your point (a) and understand point (c) in the comment above.

    Back in the 1970's, Tom Braden (on the left) and Pat Buchanan (on the right) used to have an evening-commute radio show, "Braden and Buchanan", in Washington, D.C. and a late-night TV show. Braden famously walked off the set when John McGlaughlin filled in for Pat once. Anyway, Pat used to have a certain inflection in his voice whenever he spoke of the "Japs" and the "Jews". It was quite clear where he was coming from.

  4. I'm too tired of this shit NOT to fight it. Cowering no more.

    I need lots of sleep, I'm going to have to pick my battles wisely in LA next week. Just about all of my friend's friends are Jewish.

    Oy. Tact is not my strong point, but I won't be painted with a swastika. It's not my fault they get all their newz from the LA times.


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