Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Short And Glorious War Day!

"It could last six days, six weeks. I doubt six months." -- Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Feb. 7, 2003

How about six mother-fucking YEARS, Donald fucking Rumsfeld? Yessir, that's six years today since the first U.S. troops crossed into Iraq for Rumsfeld's short and glorious war. Six years, over a million dead including over 4,000 Americans, and for what? A dead dictator who was no threat to America, had no capability to strike America, and had never attacked America? Over $1.2 trillion dollars spent on this god-forsaken cat box from hell? What, exactly, is it that we're supposed to have gotten in exchange for this sea of red ink, this sea of blood, these millions of lives destroyed? We have a country in ruins in the Middle East, a country not far from ruins here in the United States because of eight years of neglect by so-called "leaders" who preferred playing Stratego with real human flesh and bone to actually doing, like, their motherfucking JOBS which are to take care of America and Americans not some dusky-skinned fellers overseas, and oh yeah, that evil-ass motherfucker who attacked us on September 11, 2001? That motherfucker is still lolling around in his cushy condo in Islamabad laughing his ass off at us.

I'm supposed to feel "safer" because the U.S. military managed to overthrow some dumbass dictator in the Middle East. Fuck, we've done that with a few million dollars and a few CIA agents before in the past, just ask the folks in Chile and Guatemala and Iran all of whom had governments overthrown by the CIA for much less, so why the fuck should I feel safer after all these hundreds of billions of dollars spent to do the same goddamned thing? Living in a bankrupt-ass nation does not make me feel safer. And knowing that Osama bin Laden, Donald fucking Rumsfeld, and all these other criminals who've killed thousands of Americans are still running around free as a bird does not make me feel safer. And knowing that we've turned one of the least Islamist countries in the Middle East into a cesspool of jihad does not make me feel safer. You know what would make me feel safer? Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzales, and all the rest of those torturing murderous bastards all up on the gallows waiting in line to have a rope put around their neck for war crimes. I mean, they did the same kind of murderous war crimes that we hung people for at Nuremberg. Seeing criminals get their due... that makes me feel safer.

But alas it ain't gonna happen. These motherfuckers are going to die in their sleep at age 80, just like that ratbastard Richard Nixon did. Because if we put them on trial, then we -- the people of the United States -- would have to admit that it's our fault, too. We elected these bastards, after all. And re-elected them in 2004. And don't give me that shit about stolen elections and crap like that, if the majority of Americans had come out and voted against these ratbastards, they couldn't have won an election for motherfucking dog catcher no matter how many votes they tried to suppress or steal. But 30% of Americans just didn't give a shit -- they stayed home, they had no problem with President George W. Bush and his whole murderous incompetent nation-destroying tenure as President. And of the 70% of Americans who did come out to vote, half of them voted for Bush. Meaning that 65%+ of Americans had absolutely no problem -- none at all -- with President George W. Bush. You really think this majority of Americans is going to condone having it rubbed in their motherfucking faces that they're a bunch of motherfucking morons who condoned torture and killing millions of people simply because this 65%+ of Americans is a buncha motherfucking COWARDS who would rather attack someone who LOOKS threatening than wait and see whether he really IS threatening? Do you? If you do, you're a motherfucking moron. It ain't gonna happen. 'Cause we seen the enemy and he is US.

Nuff said about that shit. So it's six years later, Iraq and the United States are in ruins, President Obama is in the midst of declaring victory and withdrawing a military so devastated by the continued combat that it's enlisting rapists to fill the ranks, and everybody's going to just ignore the elephant in the room that is the Iraq war and pretend it isn't going on anymore. So it goes, in the United States of (self) Delusion, where every day is just one more day we pretend that we're a just and fair and charitable people, all the while that we do the most unjust, vicious, and venal things to both ourselves and to the world at large...

-- Badtux the Rude Penguin


  1. You're right, nothing is gonna change, and until Americans get over their self-righteous we're always right attitude nothing will change.

  2. Yea , seeing Bush and the crew going to the gallows would make ME feel good but it sure as hell won't fix the mess we made . Not saying they shouldn't swing , that's why we made those laws after WW2 just for guys like Shrub and crew . Nothing is going to bring Iraq back to the 21rst century , nuthin , and it was never their fault . Some national mourning and weeping for our evil might help a little . People been killing since Cain slew Able and it hasn't done us one bit of good since . I understand things like WW2 cause a rethinking but war is NOT the answer to anything . Untill we wake the fuck up to that as a WORLD we really aren't worth shit . I for one am not holding my breath waiting for change either .
    a disgusted w3ski

  3. How about this? If we humans would hold the concept of “first, do no harm” firmly in mind, and examine all “laws” with the goal of making “All men are created equal” a reality rather than continuing to make new laws and war, we could become what we should be.
    How’s that for a “pie in the sky” solution?
    Further proof that morning caffeine isn't a completely safe drug.


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