Wednesday, March 11, 2009

He's staring at me, mommy!

The Mighty Fang has been following me around all evening. Not meowing at me to ask me to feed him. Not coming up to me and rubbing up and asking me to pet him. Not doing anything, actually. Just whenever I sit down, or stand in one place, he sits down about a yard away and just stares at me.

I think he's wondering what I taste like. Maybe he thinks penguin tastes like chicken. [shudder].

Badtux the "Is that drool I see?" Penguin


  1. Chicken, yes. In a garlic cream sauce.

    (At least, that's what my four-leggers are contemplating. I think.)

  2.'s morning here now...just wonderin' if you made it thru the one piece....

  3. if we knew what our cats were thinking we would never let them in the house.

    g.b. shaw

  4. My dog may be neurotic but at least he doesn'think of me as food. ; )

  5. Well, Grandpa Eddie, I think I made it thru the night in one piece. And I'm happy to report that Mencken is eating again. I know that because I splashed down in a nice steaming mound of well-masticated kitteh kibble this morning with his signature all over it. I wish he'd puke under the futon or somethin' where I wouldn't step in it while getting out of bed to go to the barfroom, sigh...

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

  6. I think your cat is testing telepathy skills, perhaps prompting your brain to spontaneously combust.

    My cat does The Stare, too, and it's very unnerving--along with the caterwauling from the other room. I can't get him to sell me a vowel. What do they WANT?

  7. Nah, He's just wondering how you knew where to find the picture you used for the bobos-girlfriend article.. ;-)

  8. Oddly enough, that picture was encountered accidentally while searching for a SWR meter, it was on a ham radio site's 404 page along with a logo that said something like, "What ARE you searching for, anyhow?". No, I didn't buy an SWR meter from them :-).

    - Badtux the Hammy Penguin


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