Monday, March 30, 2009

Good riddance to bad rubbish

Rick Wagoner is out at GM -- Obama said to GM, "not a dime more as long as Wagoner is CEO", and Wagoner quit before he was fired by the board. Given Wagoner's unblemished record of failure as a manager, I agree with Jerry Flint: good riddance to bad rubbish.

You'll note that neither Ford nor Chrysler are being asked to change management. That's because both companies already have new management rather than the management that got them into trouble. That is not, however, stopping the tighty righties from getting their panties into a knot over the firing of Wagoner. Nevermind that any investor investing money into GM would have said, "not a dime until Wagoner is gone" because the man was clearly utterly incompetent, for some reason the job of a rich white man is more important to them than the jobs of the tens of thousands of working people that Wagoner's mismanagement has eliminated.

But then, the Republicans only pretend to care about those tens of thousands of working people anyhow. What they are is the party of rich white men, in the end. Anybody who fails to see that is being blinded by ignorance and propaganda, because every single Republican policy -- *EVERY* single Republican policy -- is intended to benefit rich white men at the expense of, well, the rest of us. So now they huddle together and whine in defense of yet another rich white man -- Rick Wagoner -- while saying not a yelp about the millions of Americans who've been thrown out of jobs over the past year by the Bush Depression. How suprising.

-- Badtux the Unsurprised Penguin

PS: The rich bastard is heading into the sunset with a $20M retirement package, so the tighty righties sure are getting their panties in a knot about nothing, we won't find Wagoner destitute and homeless and begging for pennies on the streets of Detroit anytime soon... alas, given how many of his victims have been reduced to that.


  1. The Rethuglicans are upset because they blame the UAW for the problems at GM, not the assholes on top who ran the corporation into the ground...not that it's there yet, but it could end up there.

  2. Tux, have you been listening to Mike Malloy on Green 960 radio? Because your posts seem a lot angrier than they have been before. Not that there's anything wrong with that -- anger is called for under these circumstances. But you seem more peeved than usual, in the way of Malloy, my favourite radio screamer.


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