Friday, February 19, 2010

New monitor

I bought a new 24" 1080p widescreen monitor today to replace my six-year-old one. This is a LG Flatron W2486L. I bought it because it has two HDMI inputs and a DVI input. One HDMI input is going to the Macbook Pro, one is going to the $35 upconverting DVD player on the shelf above the monitor, and the DVI is going to that big homebrew server you see at the lower right of the picture. It also uses an LED backlight so that it uses very little power -- the power supply is 36 watts, and the monitor itself uses 24 watts in normal use, despite being quite bright.

As for the review of the monitor - it seems to work okay. It's very blue but luckily Apple provides a way to warm up the colors going out its MiniDisplayPort, so it's quite acceptable. Everything I've tried works. It's somewhat basic in that it doesn't have speakers or anything, but I had to have something that would fit into that space in my computer desk, which is also why I bought a 24" widescreen and not something larger. Yes, my computer desk is starting to look woefully bad due to all the wear and tear on it, but I can't find a new computer desk to replace it that has all the features of this one (the shelves, the slide-out keyboard tray, and so forth). And this particular desk appears to have been discontinued, or at least Fry's Electronics doesn't have it anymore :(.

Oh, that space to the right of the DVD player, between the DVD player and the stapler? That's not an empty space. It has a purpose:

That, of course, is the all-too-critical CAT SPACE, needed to provide my supervisors a place to rest while they supervise my work. Duh!

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

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