Thursday, February 18, 2010

The cure

Tegan and Sara are a Canadian duo, twin sisters, who've been performing for about ten years now. They're 28 now, so that tells you how young they were when they started out. They also happen to be out, but that isn't relevant. What is relevant is that they've been touring and recording pretty much non-stop for those ten years, working their butts off to build a fan base and working their way from every dingy club in the USA to the middle ranks where they're selling out decent-sized theaters and tickets for their shows are going for decent money, and have managed to produce a fair amount of pop-folk music over that time.

For their new album, Sainthood, they've gone for a harder sound than on their previous albums. This particular performance, "The Cure", is probably typical of the new album's sound. Generally there's a lot of banter between the sisters and between Tegan and the audience before the start of the song, but when they do these kinds of promotional shows for television they can't do that. I did look at a couple of videos from live shows that didn't cut out the banter, but the sound quality wasn't there. Oh well. You know how to use the Youtube yourself to search for'em.

-- Badtux the Music Penguin

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