Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yet another victory in the "War on (Some) Drugs"

Drug cartel enforcers disguised as Federal police raids Mexican prison and frees imprisoned gang enforcers. Or maybe it wasn't a disguise. The War on Drugs corrupts police departments just as surely as the War on Alcohol did during Prohibition.

Yeah, that War on Drugs thingy is just working out so well. Especially for folks down in Sandy Yaygo who have to deal with the cartel violence spilling across the border. But that's what happens when you criminalize a medical issue, you end up creating criminals. Huh, who coulda guessed?

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. So many parallels with our earlier prohibition on drinking . So sad to see all the violence and crime sparked(pardon the pun) by people trying to get high . Another sad case of legislating morality . As I understand it our prohibition of drugs was actually sparked by racism in the deep south . The old
    "them darkies gonna get high and come after our white women" kind of thing . So sad that this kind of thinking has put us and many other countries in this mess , all because of southern fearmongers .
    You really said it Mr. Penguin
    "Religious Fundamentalists are afraid someone is having Fun ! "

  2. Obama has to deal with entrenched policing agencies that are not going to give up their piece of the federal budget in order to help create a drug policy that makes sense, though are they?



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