Friday, May 08, 2009

Charles Manson is a nursery school teacher, say Republicans

What do Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, Jerry Brudos, Eric Rudolph, and Jeffrey Dahmer all have in common? Well, according to House Minority Leader John Boner err Boehner, all of them are cream-puffs compared to a bunch of illiterate goat herders, taxi drivers, and smugglers. Yeppers, that's right. We can't bring suspected terrorists, mostly illiterate goat herders with delusions of granduer, into America and give them a trial because, wait for it, they're more dangerous than Jeffrey Dahmer! Gah! The stupidity! It burns! It burns!

The fact of the matter, of course, is that the United States is the world's largest prison state with a full 3% of its population in prison or on parole at any given time, and has no shortage of places to stash even the most vile and evil prisoners, people who make these illiterate goat herders look like boy scouts. If it is decided to stash some of the prisoners currently at Guantanamo into a Supermax somewhere here in the US while they are tried, there's no (zero) chance that these people will get anywhere near the general population. If found innocent, there's no (zero) chance that they would actually get released into the general population -- instead they'd go into immigration prisons to be deported.

But those are facts. And, of course, for Republicans, facts don't matter, only politics matters, and they think they're going to be able to play politics by spewing nonsense and lies. Hey, it worked during the 2006 and 2008 elections, right? (Hmm, you think the American public is *finally* starting to catch on that the Republicans, are, like, full of shit?!).

-- Badtux the Prison Penguin


  1. Same old stuff : the politics of Fear ! Be VEWRY Vewry Skeered cause only they can protect us from the Boogyman . I thought we voted them out of office ? How come people still listen to their B/S ?
    Has anyone ever escaped from a
    " super max " yet ?
    an amazed and not fearfull w3ski

  2. I saw a clip of Congresswingnut Peter King of New York (who I have trouble differentiating from Repwing. Stephen King of Iowa, except for the accent) on the PBS Newshour yesterday. He was talking about how "if these terrorists are brought to the United States for trials, they might be in the New York City federal justice center. This would put them within WALKING DISTANCE of Wall Street, and New York City Hall, and even the site of the World Trade Centers! That's disgraceful, to have terrorists within walking distance of the World Trade Centers!"

    The illogic, that it's dangerous to have people locked up prior to trial in NYC, as if they could just go out and stroll over to Wall Street to blow it up with the nuclear weapons that they smuggled inside their orange jumsuits... But that's the reich-wing mindset. And no one called him on this bullshit, at least not in the video snippet that I saw.

  3. And what does the Republicans cowardly response say to the people of Hardin MT who want prisoners for their unused jail?

  4. "The illogic..."

    Your point being? This bunch stopped appealing to logic and rationality a long time ago.


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