Saturday, May 09, 2009


I made it to the Korean grocery tthis afternoon and picked up a bunch of banchan. Here is my supper: Let's see... in the middle is cabbage kimchi. Then going clockwise from the bean sprouts: Seaweed, pickled radish, cucumber kimchi, and radish kimchi. Nice vegetarian supper.

-- Badtux the Veggie-munchin' Penguin


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  2. Tsk tsk. Read the rules. "Posts that consist solely of insults or stupidity will be deleted. The penguin is the only one allowed to be an ass here." Don't like my rules, post about it on your blog, not here.

    - Badtux the Blog-owner Penguin

  3. personally i just love fermented (or, in the words of my thai friend, half rotted) vegies (-:

    are these the spicy take your tongue off versions?

  4. Nice looking plate :), and I like the new penquins.

  5. Of the veggies in question, they're all pickled, but only the cabbage kimchi is fermented. The red veggies are spicy hot, the non-red veggies are not but they are pickled and have a bit of a garlic + black paper taste to them.

    Nunya, yes, I like the new penguins too. I finally found a penguin background that I liked, though I had to spend a lot of time in The Gimp adjusting its contrast and brightness to turn it into a satisfactory background.

    - Badtux the Culinary Penguin

  6. Where's the rice and soup? You know a Korean meal isn't a meal without banchan, and rice and soup.

  7. It looks good to me! I'll try anything once.

  8. I Love that pickled vege stuff they make . Got to find some kind of recipie , I do a good vege marinade but not the same and a poor subtitute . You can keep the incindiary stuff tho . Sure wish there was more food variety here in the Motherload , but I had to make a trade off for lifestyle .What's for dinner ? Hummmmmm

  9. lookin' good tux. i loves me some kimchee. we worked with a bat of ROK marines in nam.\

    those guys were hard to the bone. they also made their own kimchee. sometimes the buried pots would explode. in the war zone that was always fun to watch.

  10. Anon, while Korea is famed for its dinner soups, a) a light meal doesn't always have one, and b) I don't know how to fix one, just a lunch soup (kimchi ramen noodle).

    Rita, this is stuff I've tried once and like. There's other stuff I won't try, or tried once and will never try again. For example, they have a very spicy pickled squid. You either put it into your soup or you stir-fry it with other veggies. As far as I'm concerned, it tastes like rubber. They have a very spicy pickled sardine-looking fish that is often served as a banchan. Tastes like very spicy fermented fish and is crunchy besides. Uck. Then there is a very gelatinous But I do like their veggies a lot...

    w3, if it doesn't have spice involved somewhere, it ain't a Korean meal. The funny thing is that red pepper originates in the Americas, specifically in Central America, so Korea could not have added red pepper to its cuisine until the Spanish conquered Central America in the 1500's. Yet today it's considered a central part of Korean cuisine. As Mr. Spock would say, "Interesting, Captain."

    - Badtux the Food Penguin

  11. Whil I would not eat everthing my cat will, I tend to distrust any meal that my cat would reject. So how did the mighty Fang react?

  12. I made this dish once, "Squid in Ink Sauce on Rice". I got the recipe from my brand new "Joy of Cooking" cookbook. It was the most awful looking dish I have ever made. It tasted pretty bad, too. I've tried to cook squid once after that in a stir fry (I thought it was me, ya know?) It tasted just as bad. Like rubber that is being kind.
    The thing is the stuff is dirt cheap. Maybe it's really good for you or sometime?

  13. Looks like a lovely meal. I like the new penguins, too.


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