Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mixed messages

For the folks in Maine, ayup...

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. The Arrogant Worms are great! Have you listened to Pirates of Saskatchewan? hahahaha

  2. Ah, Badtux, yer just jealous cuz you don't live someplace where ketchup is still considered a food group.

    I'll have you know that during winter (August 30 - June 15), snowmobile suits are appropriate garb for funerals.

    We are also the home of Hussey's General Store, where the sign says "Guns/Wedding Gowns/Cold Beer" (don't believe me? Search Google images)

    And they have all three.

    Oh, and I DID forget Leno... sorry.

  3. Off topic: Hey Tux, on FB in the quiz about PC or Mac, I came up Linux. LOL Never used it, but we do love the penguin!

  4. At least we beat New Hampshire to the punch. If they had legalized same-sex marriage before us, it would've been too embarrassing to bear. There's no worse fate being known as "That State More Backwards Than New Hampshire"...a fate soon to befall California, I fear.

  5. Hey Badtux - I live in Saco Maine and love your stuff, been to Hussey's, and blog as well; -or mostly grab what interests me and post that suckah... c'mon up and see us sometime..


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