Friday, August 12, 2005

Woohoo! New geek toy!

HP Pavilion DV4000 laptop. Custom-ordered from their website with 1gb of memory, 80gb 5400 RPM hard drive, Bluetooth, and a massive 12-cell battery. My old laptop would barely go for an hour on a battery and got hot enough to scorch your lap. This baby will go 5 hours (or more) on a charge, and barely even gets warm. Along with the 15.4" wide screen, and being 2 pounds lighter than my old laptop, and having all the bells and whistles...

They shipped it to me from Shanghai, China. Apparently it costs too much to build anything in the United States. Sigh... anybody remember when the United States was capable of building rocketships that could go to the Moon? Now they can't even build a crappy $1500 laptop computer!

- Badtux the Techno-geek Penguin

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  1. I'm jealous!... but, good for you. I'm kind of happy for you:)

    Yeah, I do remember those days. It seems that the jobs just don't make enough profit for the stockholders if they stay in the US. I sure wish the CEOs would have to make less money and stock options. If they weren't paying millions for the CEO salary, they could probably afford to keep the companies, here.


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