Monday, August 08, 2005

A threat to America

According to the Bush administration... what constitutes a threat to national security?

Letting Osama escape? No...

Outing a CIA operative? No....

Destabilizing the Middle East? No...

Potentially interfering with a GOP fundraiser? Yes!

Here is the terrorist. Look at this terrorist! Obviously dangerous, almost as dangerous as the terrorist I mentioned last week who was armed with the rock of mass destruction because this terrorist is armed with the (gasp) WATER BOTTLE OF MASS DESTRUCTION:

Obviously this mother of a soldier slain in Iraq must be arrested and jailed immediately (or at least when she starts offending the haves and have mores who are attending the fundraiser), or she might (gasp) hurt Mad King George's FEELINGS!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Hat tip to Alternate Brain and pb.


  1. Why do grieving mothers who sons and husbands and daughters and wives died in a pointless war based on lies hate America?

  2. She's someone to be feared because she wants answers... and not the answers he has on hand.

  3. She's right up there with Mick Jaggers Lips of Mass Destruction

  4. Whelp - come on over to
    and read the Posts - Google Game and also Bush's Numbers in the Ditch,also the King George posts- you will enjoy I think...I love your blog...and by the way Mick is planning to sing "Hypocrites" NFL gameopener-might be better than the Janet Moment !!!!! And in Bush's number for August (pre- Cindy numbers of Aug 5 and 6th- he only has support in SEVEN states...yup red states- that is it??!!) also Monday Salt Lake City Mayor is organizing PROTESTS- that ain't the welcome mat for King Chicken shit...I think the wheels are coming off the Shock and Awe Bus...finally.


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