Friday, October 02, 2009


Steve Earle, Gillian Welch, Neko Case, Emmylou Harris, Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell, The Chieftains, ... and many many more, all playing for *FREE* in Golden Gate Park tomorrow! I am *pumped*! The hardest thing to decide on is whether I'll listen to The Chieftains, Rodney Crowell, or Doc Watson, they're all playing at the exact same time (and the exact same time as Billy Bragg and Kimmie Rhodes, grrr!). Bummer!

I was wanting to embed a video by Rodney Crowell here, but Sony-BMG went on one of its periodic jihads and disabled embedding on all of them. Morons. Idiots. Fools. Here I was, going to give free advertising for Rodney Crowell, and they stick the middle finger at that effort. So instead, here's the Chieftains with a guest singer. They did this in *ONE TAKE*...

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. SIGH !
    Having grown up in Berkeley of the 60's , I remember Free Concerts ; every Summer Sunday at
    Peoples' Park , saw Country Joe , Youngbloods , Cold Blood , even the Dead . Great Times there .
    Yea , Free music , free acid , free love , cheap pot .
    Those were the days Before Repuglickins took over . Before Ronnie Raygun , before Drug Wars , before just say no , before the
    2nd Great Depression . When being wild and free and PEACEFULL was cool .
    I would have loved to go to "Power to the Peacefull" at the Park and seen Michael Franti for Free , but free is relative nowadays at $3.15 a gallon and 12 mpg and living 70 miles from Sacramento .
    a terminally nostalgic w3ski

  2. I'm going to drive to the nearest BART station and take BART, of course, then transfer to a Muni bus for the final act. Attempting to drive to anywhere near Golden Gate Park on this weekend would be an act of madness, especially with gasoline at $3.07 per gallon at the cheapest gas station in my area. The $7.10 BART round-trip fare and $3.50 Muni round trip fare is far less than the gas for that round trip would cost me... and almost as fast, because traffic in San Francisco is ridiculous (and they like it that way, thus the lack of freeways).

  3. That's it . Gloat over your F'n precious Public Transportation . Rub it in real good . Bwaaaahhhhaaaaaaaa !
    I'll have to just sit here on the ranch and watch the Sun thru the Pines and Cedars , then watch it set into the Wild and Protected River Canyon and feel the cool delta breezes .
    a not too jealous w3ski

  4. Whoops . Me Bad . That was Provo Park , the official one , across from the cop shop and my high school . NOT peoples park , the unofficial one that caused so much grief .
    Memory is the second thing to go , I can't remember the first anymore ?
    a fading w3ski

  5. Ooh, enjoy.
    And I would see Rodney Crowell of those three choices, but that's just me.

  6. Free concerts? Isn't that like socialism? :)

  7. I paid $2.19/gallon in Toledo today. Of course, we* have no public transportation, no mountains, Maumee Bay, a fucking idiot mayor, 50 degrees, and rain . . .

    Jzb the cheap gas trombonist

    * full disclosure. I live in MI.

  8. w3ski: Emmylou Harris and Robert Plant came on stage with Buddy Miller and sang a couple of songs. Jorma Kaukamen did some kick-ass blues with steel guitar. Boz Scaggs did some righteous rockin' blues with a lot of guests. In the songwriter's circle, Tom Morelli was the voice of doom for evildoers, Steve Earle was the hardcore troubadour who had seen it all and was tired but still fighting, Dar Williams was kick ass and take names, and Allison Moorer sang pretty. Okay, so Allison didn't exactly fit in with that group, but she is Steve's wife, so she comes along for the ride :). Hope you had fun listening to the wind rustling the leaves in the trees, because I was listening to some kick-ass music :).

    Doctor Princess, Rodney Crowell is tomorrow. I want to see him, definitely. He wrote some of Emmylou's best songs and is woefully underrated and completely fucked by Sony-BMG, like most other artists who are slaves to Sony-BMG :(.

    Southern Quebec: It's not socialism if a filthy rich plutocrat is paying for it :). (It's not a city-sponsored event).

    Jazz: Got pretty darn cold at the end. The wind kicked up and blew cold air off the ocean and pelted us with blowing trash. I had to leave halfway through Gillian Welch because even though I was wearing a rain jacket, long sleeve shirt, and t-shirt, I was shivering and my hands were cold. Tomorrow I'll bring some gloves and a nice thick wool cap as well as a fleece shirt to wear under the rain jacket, that'll take care of the evening chill as I watch Emmylou.

  9. You lucky bastard!

    It's stuff like that (notably, the absence of anything like it down here) that's amongst the motivating forces making Mrs. Bukko want to move back to North America.

    We used to live close enough to the park that we could have HEARD that music if the wind was right (mebbe not the acoustic stuff, though.) Now she can only find it on YouTube.

    I don't think there's going to be similar shows in Stanley Park, Vancouver, but Mrs. B will definitely drive down for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in GG Park, and a few times a year for similar things as well.

  10. Jorma Kaukonen and Boz Scaggs !
    Wait a minute here , you are talkng My music now , not some country hicks .
    I repeat : Bawwwwaaaahhhaaaaa !
    a saddened w3ski

  11. "Woefully underrated" is a perfect description for Rodney Crowell. And this makes me very sad. Enjoy!


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