Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fuck Technorati

They've forgotten why they existed, and created a new site that has nothing of what I used them for (mostly, finding other people who were linking to me, and seeing who was linking to some of my favorite blogs, so I could discover new blogs for my blogroll). Reminds me of when moved from having a directory of the web, to being 100% paid advertising in their results... I said "fuck that" and haven't been back since.

I can understand the desire to monetize. But now they're just another "social media" site, just as became "just another advertising site". Worthless.

-- Badtux the Geeky Penguin


  1. Ha ha ha, you said fuck. He he he.

  2. Amen, brother. I get so sick and tired of redirects every time I use Google or Yahoo that I finally made Lycos (remember them? - they were pretty much the first search engine) the official search engine of 618 Rants.

  3. I don't see where Technorati is even a social network much less a blog directory. How could that be when a claimed blog no longer registers in their search engine anymore as I, and countless others, have experienced.

    It's good to hear someone else say that Technorati is WORTHLESS, because that is exactly how I feel. All these SEO bloggers say to submit your blog to this internet wasteland, and for what? Blogcatalog gets the same amount of traffic and your blog isn't lost through negligence and poor management.

    Sorry, but I just needed to vent, the site is total bullshit.


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